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Ball Jade Projector

We are offering Ball Jade Projector which works by producing infrared rays due to presence of halogen lamps inside them. These are heated and put on the different acupressure points to provide various health benefits, like relieving of the muscle tension, injuries, soreness and many others. These come with a remote with functions like, controlling the temperature, indicator light, temperature light. The wires attached  to them do not break or get loosened from the circuit and keep on functioning properly. Ball Jade Projector comes in three types namely 9 ball jade projector, jade stone projector and 3 ball projector which can be used according to the requirements of the clients. These are tried and tested method of providing relief. 

Features of Ball Jade Projector:

  • This is to be manually operated according to the pain and tension
  • Relaxation as good as by a professional masseuse
  • Also helpful in controlling blood pressure
  • Acupressure points can be easily changed due to the holding places