Massage Bed
Massage Beds are high quality jade stone which provides accurate range of infrared rays frequency massage the body. These are excellent in appearance and have strong and sturdy construction.
Tourmaline Heating Mats
Tourmaline Heating Mats are light-weight, modern and consist of 300 to 900 natural gemstones. These are comfortable to be used and store at shelf and almira due to their compact structural formation.
Spa Product
We are offering the complete set of Foot Spa kit, which includes all the essential equipment in it. It effectively works on the pressure points of the foot, which releases pressure and pain. Offered set of equipment removes toxin from the body.
Household Purifier
Household products have effective working, standard design and functions on ozone disinfection technology. These are easy in installation, light-weight and portable and can be used as multipurpose purifiers.
Body Analyzer
Body Analyzer is used to analyze different parameters according to the information of the body. These provide fast and accurate results. These come with a CD which contain all the information about the usage.
Slimming Products
A wide range of Slimming Products like magic massage belt, vibrating power plate, morning walker can be availed. These help in reducing the body weight and provide positive results in a short amount of time.
Slimming Belt