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Spa Product

Being engaged in the supplying and exporting of the effective range of health and body care products, we are also providing the optimum grade of Foots Spa machines and equipment. A wide range of such effective machines are offered in this category, ranging from Dual Detox MP3 Foot Spa Machine, Toxin Removing Machine, Detox Array to Spa Machine with Belt. Most of these machines are follow the computer controlled operations.
These equipment effectively removes the toxic substance from the body and detoxify. Level of detoxification can be easily controlled as per a customized detoxify session.
All these offered Foot Spa machines work effectively on the subjected body part and eliminate all the toxic elements and dead cells from the body.

Features Of Foot Spa

  • These machines help in promoting an active lifestyle
  • These spa machines are suitable for clinics, naturopathy centers as well as home use
  • These are the computer operated machines
  • Offered machines help in detoxifying all the vital organs of body