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Tourmaline Heating Mats

Checkout our collection of Tourmaline Heating Mats which are used for relaxing the muscles and eliminating the toxins elements from the body. The mats consist of natural tourmaline gemstones with various numbers such as 220, 364 and 900 which emits infrared rays on heating and penetrates our body and benefits the surfaces of the muscles. These mats provides easy storage due to their flexible and fold-able construction. The mats have temperature regulating remotes which can be adjusted with low and high heat as required. In addition to this, mats improves the immunity system, reduces blood viscosity, gives relief from cervical pain and produces maximum blood circulation level. The Tourmaline Heating Mats are light-weight, portable and can be taken comfortably with person anywhere.
Tourmaline Mat
Tourmaline Mat
ARG 718C
Price Range : 50000.00 - 500000.00 INR