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Water Bottle

A product which has necessity in all weathers, that is Water Bottle, is available to be used in the domestic as well as commercial sphere. The bottles we provide has air tight cap on the top that ensures no spillage and even contamination from the outside. These have a strap on the cap which makes their carrying to different places super easy. These are available in different colors and have a slender design which is attractive to the eyes. Water Bottles can be used by people belonging to all the age groups. The alkaline bottle helps in increasing the ph level of the water which is said to slow the aging process. These bottles do not crack or leak making them usable for a long span of time.

Features of Water Bottles:

  • The water does not get spoiled even after a long time
  • These can be carried inside bags without any worry about leakage
  • These can be used for carrying decent amount of water for journeys
  • Anti-corrosive therefore no reaction with water and other elements